The Sweet Health Benefits Of Sour Foods

As a young man, I remember my grandmother trying to give me sauerkraut for dinner once and making the worst face possible in response to which my grandmother laughed and said, “Sauerkraut is not only good, it’s good for you!” When I tell my patients about sauerkraut as a health food, they make almost that same funny face! Recently, however, it turns out that grandma’s words were correct – sauerkraut has a surprising health benefit to it as do other fermented foods. In fact, a group of Polish women were recently studied for their rates of breast cancer. The group who ate a lot of sauerkraut had very low rates of breast cancer.

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Fermented foods, like sauerkraut, olives, pickles, sourdough bread have been around for a long time. They were created to help food keep longer using a natural fermentation process called lacto-fermentation. In this process, beneficial lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria (the kind that live in your gut and help digest your foods) convert the starch and sugar in foods to lactic acid. The lactic acid acted as a preservative so refrigeration was not necessary and food had a long shelf life.

A surprising, little known health benefit about these fermented foods was then discovered. It seems that the same fermentation process that both preserves and gives these foods their distinctive sour-tangy taste are also higher in vitamins and actually help your digestion, remove excess saturated fats and cholesterol, and keep your digestive tract healthy and happy.

In fact, these good bacteria present in naturally fermented food have recently started popping up all over television ads and health food articles as “probiotics” which restore and maintain your intestinal flora, i.e., the level of good bacteria in your gut. In case you didn’t know this, your large intestine, the place that houses all these beneficial bacteria, is the very seat of your immune system. When your beneficial bacteria levels are optimal, you have a healthy immune system strong enough to ward off infections and other diseases.

Many fermented foods, like olives, also contain good Omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial in reducing inflammation throughout your body.

Not All Sour Foods Are Naturally Fermented

When I tell my patients about naturally fermented superfoods, they say, great I’ll pick up some at the grocery store! However, most canned sauerkraut, pickles, greek olives on the shelves, and buttermilks, yogurts, and kefir in your dairy section of your grocery store may not have been created through a natural fermentation process and may not contain the live bacteria.

In fact, many of these grocery store varieties of sour-tasting dairy foods are pasteurized, and the canned-shelf varieties can get their sour taste through the addition of vinegar (a fermented food in itself) and/or certain preservative-grade minerals like potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate added to extend shelf life. Most have lactic acid added to them rather than it developing naturally in the fermentation process described above. However, even these grocery store varieties of “fast” fermented foods give some health benefits in addition to their vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, etc, just not as much as naturally fermented that contain the live culture.

Unless your local grocery store has a special section for refrigerated health foods, you likely will have to go to a health food or natural foods store to get real, naturally fermented,

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The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Kitchens

Safety Suggestions for Your Knives Your kitchen tools are essential in your home. It is rare to find a home that does not have a knife. Numerous cooks usually have different types of knives. There are some features that you should take into consideration while buying a knife, for example, the characteristics, the size and the design. The the knife that you will choose will depend on the intended purpose. Thus, it is essential that you understand the use before purchasing. On the other hand, the primary concern is the proper way of using these knives. Only those knives that are made with real materials will be durable. A the sturdy knife is the one that does not break after a few years. Thus, the element of sustainability should be among your top priorities. Hence, it is recommended that you purchase a knife that you can use to perform all the relevant jobs in your kitchen. For your knives to be durable, take the following measures. Continuously ensure that all your knives are clean and dry. Avoid washing them in a dishwasher and instead clean immediately after utilization then dry them. identify a different area to stock your knives away from other instruments. It is better to put them in a block so that they can be separated from each other. Also, the edges should be sharpened always. Avoid using your knives to open the wine.
On Knives: My Thoughts Explained
Do utilize coarse powder while cleaning your knives. The simplest way of cleaning your blades is by utilizing warm water and a detergent. The abrasive powder will only scratch your knives and make them dull.
Utensils: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make
Presently, majority of knives are manufactured using stainless steel, which means that the amount of stain will be minimal. Thus, if you fail to clean your knives correctly, they will discolor after sometimes. Cutting acidic foods for example lemons contributes to discoloration on your knives. The an important factor that ensures that your knives are durable is the frequency of cleaning them. You should not use your knives on hard foods. Place the frozen foods in the microwave first. Ensure that you take all the appropriate measures of taking good care of your knives. Another significant step is that all your knives should be out of reach of children. They should not be near where your children play. Remember that your knives should always be polished. There are various ways that you can polish your knives. A the more experienced individual can undertake the task better since he has the necessary tools. When you frequently sharpen your knives then they will never be dull. Also, it is better if you purchase your knives for yourself. When you go to the shop on your own, you can choose according to your taste. A the knife that is comfortable to hold will also be easy to use. Purchasing for yourself has more benefits than asking a friend. People are different hence the manner that you use your knives might be the same way that your neighbor uses hers.

Understanding Utensils

Where to Find the Best Kitchen Knives One of the fundamental room in your house is the kitchen. Food is a necessity and it makes you love your kitchen most. All kinds of meals are prepared in the kitchen. The processes of preparing meals are aided by different tools. Among the tools used are sufurias, pans, basins, cooking spoons, forks, bowls, dishes,, plates and the kitchen knives. The basic tools are the kitchen knives. They are used in cutting different foods during food preparation. These include cutting meat to different sizes, vegetables, fruits, onions, tomatoes and potatoes. The parts of a kitchen knife are; the bolster which is made of steel and does the work of balancing the knife. The users hand is protected from sliding by the bolster to avoid injuries. The butt is the part placed in the far end of a knife. The sharpest part of a knife is known as the edge. It is involved in slicing. The position of the tip is at the front of the blade. It performs the act of cutting to small portions. The spine is located in the top of the blade. The opposite side of the blade is the spine. The extension of the blade is called the tang. It is used in balancing the knife when it is in use. The tang is longer on most knives you know. The handle assists the user in offering support for grip. With the knowledge of the anatomy of a knife, it is necessary you know the different types of kitchen knives.
What I Can Teach You About Utensils
The bird’s beak peak knife that cuts vegetables such as carrots. The shape of this knife hooks upwards. The boning knife has a long blade to remove the bone from meat in a very simplified manner. Cheese or butter are spread by a type of knife with blunt edges known as a butter knife. Ceramic knives are involved in ease slicing of different kinds of food.
Kitchens – My Most Valuable Tips
Before buying knives it is important you consider a few tips. Buying knives that you’ll use is important instead of buying bulky set of knives you will not need. Not all knives in a set are made useful in the kitchen. This will reduce on cost and discourage over spending. Buy knives that are crucial in the home set up. Buy knives that offer you comfort while gripping. Before buying any knife, hold them on your hand to confirm whether they serve you best. Bulky knives will tend to make you tired. A blade that lasts for long should be your consideration to make when buying a knife. Some blades get blunt every now and then needing sharpening on frequent times. In conclusion, kitchen knives are an investment in your future. You use your knife on a daily basis. Do not be blinded by brands when buying knives. Get knives that will serve you for a long time, strong and require easy handling.

Figuring Out Knives

Getting Knives for the Kitchen Knives are one of the most essential utensils for the kitchen. They are needed for cutting of various items used in the kitchen. This makes them a must have. For people to carry out a number of activities, people need to buy different types of knives. The type of blade a knife has determines the type of knife. For people to take good care of their knives, they should understand the different parts. The blade of a knife is one of the important parts. This is the part used for cutting. People should ensure that it is always kept sharp. This is achieved by sharpening by the use of machines. People can also use grindstones for sharpening their knives. The knives will therefore achieve their purpose. The cutting edge of the blade should not be used for cutting items that are still hot. This makes the knife blunt. Because the blades are made from metal, they should always be kept dry. The handle is the other part of the knife that has to be taken care of. In most cases, it is wooden or made from plastic. For this reason, people should ensure that the handle is maintained smooth. Rotting of the wood is prevented by ensuring that it is always kept dry. Those made from plastic should not be left in water for long to prevent them from absorbing water. People should also test the handles to ensure that they fit perfectly into their hands. It helps in making it easy to use the knife.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Utensils
Most knives have rivets used to connect the various parts. These are usually tightened on to it. People should ensure that the rivets are maintained tight. Dirt is thus prevented from collecting at their base. Smoothness of the top of the rivets should be ensured to prevent irritation to the hands. The firmness of the knife is also ensured by having these rivets in place.
The 10 Best Resources For Kitchens
Metals used in the manufacture of knives are normally resistant to rust. They are therefore kept free from stains even though they are in constant contact with water. Proper cleaning of the knives before storage is necessary. They should also be stored well on shelves. This will prevent them from causing injuries to people. It is also important to ensure that they are out of the reach of children. Knives should be remembered during the purchase of kitchen utensils. Having many knives is important for efficiency. Going through stores that sell utensils will enable people to acquire the best knives. Online sites which make it possible for people to place orders on knives are also available. Those who want them can therefore find them easily. People should understand that knives are important for their kitchens.

Comprehending the Use and Benefits of Griddle Cooking

Cooking and innovating is probably the favourite pastime of a number of people these days. Besides, who would not want to enjoy a pleasant evening with their loved ones while having delicious and quality food? You can certainly plan for an outdoor cooking evening and make the most of the natural environment and ambience.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor cooking equipments and tools available that can be used over a burner or over an open flame. One of the types of cooking is griddle in which the equipment used can also be used either on a burner top or over a flame for the preparation of the food. A griddle is basically a flat surface provided to cook food much easier allowing more heat for a better taste. These are made of a variety of material offering the users a number of alternatives to choose from, depending on the type of food they intend to cook.

All About Cooking and Griddles-

Griddle can either be a flat stone or a metal surface and is ideal to cook baked or fried food. As far as the cookware is concerned, the pans used in griddle cooking are usually shallow ones used for searing, baking or frying. A pan is also an inevitable and a versatile entity for nearly all the cooks to prepare breakfast comprising of bacon, pancakes, or kabobs.

Different Styles of Pans-

The pans for griddle cooking are available in rectangular, square, round and oval shapes. Some of them can fit over a single burner, whereas others can fit over two burners as well. These may have raised ridges or simply have smooth surfaces. They are basically made to be used over the stove, for instance a cast iron or stainless steel or can also be used over the counter top like an electric griddle. Griddles made from cast iron is huge famous for the campfires. Electric griddles on the other hand have their benefit of the removable drip that is ideal to catch the drippings from the food.

Benefits and Use-

A griddle that fits two burners also called a jumbo electric griddle is ideal to cook one or more food at once. It can easily hold eight medium pancakes or a pound of bacon. The raised griddles are ideal cook food that is desired to have grill marks; some of such foods include hamburgers, chicken, vegetables, fish or streaks etc.

The cast iron griddles are ideal for the work on gas and electric stoves along with coil burner. However, only the griddles with flat bottoms are to be used on ceramic cook tops. This is because the raised bottom griddles will cook the food unevenly.

In addition to the griddle pans, only the wood or the plastic utensils should be used on a nonstick surface, whereas any other utensil can be used on a cast iron type.